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The Joy Of Parts – Why I Love My Razor Junkyard

Notwithstanding my line of shave prepared razors, I purchase countless broken razors that have no evident worth or notable significance (remember that a few razors, in any event, when broken, DO have esteem).


For what reason would I pay for broken razors?


These razors that would typically be disposed of are an important wellspring of material for somebody who studies razors and fixes them. I have composed a few articles on razor rebuilding and how I am commonly restricted to it, past an essential cleaning and sharpening. In any case, a sharp edge with broken scales or a couple of scales holding a messed up or seriously consumed edge will never be a shaver, nor, except if it is something really uncommon, will it actually be a gatherer’s piece.


At the point when I DO make fixes, I just use parts that are unique to that kind of razor. Also, given the large number of various makes of razors out there, one necessities Numerous parts to get an opportunity at having the correct one required for a true fix. In the event that I can’t fix a razor truly, I don’t do it. That is the reason broken razors are so significant to me. They give the wellspring of real parts that I need to make broken razors entire once more. As it were, I am running an individual, vehicle style junkyard for razors. Until I discover unique junkyards near me, lovely cutting edges sit in individual crates sitting tight for scales; scales anticipate sharp edges and legitimate collars. The main things that totally can’t be rescued from an old razor are the pins. That is the reason I am against the evacuation of pins to clean a razor. When they are out, another one must be formed to supplant it.


Much the same as in a decent junkyard, association of your parts is significant. I coordinate them by the Great part in the wrecked “entire” razor. This leaves me with two essential canisters:


  • Great sharp edges with broken scales


  • Great scopes with broken/seriously harmed sharp edges


I attempt to keep the wrecked razor entire until I need the part, as it gives me important data about what goes with what. I likewise keep a couple of different containers of especially minuscule things: