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Paid Media for Real Estate – See which are the best channels to boost your Digital Marketing

Have you thought about making a media strategy like Smart City Lahore for real estate agents? This is one of the most incredible and viable alternatives for those looking to reach a very specific audience with speed.

After all, to appear to the right people, just activate a well-crafted campaign on any Ads Online platform and you will be, in a few minutes, on anyone’s timeline.

This is very valuable. But it will have an even greater value for those who can make the most of what Ads Online platforms offer.

In other words, it’s not enough just to click on the “boost” button that appears when you post on the networks. It is necessary to go deeper, so that there is a segmentation of audiences, a warming up of this audience and a very clear final objective.

But don’t worry, we’ll understand all this from now on. So, read on to learn how to boost your real estate’s digital marketing. Come on?


Paid Media for Real Estate Agents – What is it and why is it important to buy media for your real estate company to increase sales

Paid media for real estate is nothing more than a way to pay some company (or some influencer) to boost your brand, product, service or website.

In other words, it’s a way to boost your business, in a way that it quickly appears to whoever is in your target audience at that moment.

Nowadays, with the internet, buying media for real estate agents has become extremely cheap and easy. After all, the media options that are available today are extremely effective when used well.

As an example, we can think of a street billboard. It does have its effectiveness. But it is very difficult to measure and know exactly how many reais the billboard brought into the real estate agency. These are just estimating that, in practice, do not help in calculating the return on investment.

The paid media does have a lot of strength. However, it needs to be very well thought out and planned so that the ads reach the right people at the right time.

Otherwise, it will be wasted money, basing its strategies on the marketing of hope. Where there is no way to measure, analyze or plan: there is only hope, hoping that a campaign will sell a lot. Can it work? He can. But the chances of it not working are much, much higher.

So, get to know some strategies that can be put into practice using online advertising tools for real estate companies:

  • Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads – Ideal for building authority and generating hot traffic to your real estate website or landing page;
  • Google Ads – Excellent alternative for real estate agencies that are already searched on Google or that can meet highly searched keywords;
  • YouTube Ads – Great for creating awareness in people who don’t know your real estate yet, to create personalized audiences;
  • LinkedIn Ads and Twitter Ads for Real Estate – If that’s where your audience is, be sure to buy media on these platforms;
  • Use and abuse remarketing strategies within online media platforms – This will make your campaigns cheaper and you’ll get a lot more conversions;

We’ll explain each of the tools from now on, so you can, who knows, start testing your first paid ads today. Come on?


Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads – Ideal for building authority and generating hot traffic to your real estate website or landing page

When we think about paid media for real estate, the first association will be with Facebook Ads and also with Instagram Ads.

After all, these two social networks are very popular and the vast majority of people are connected all day long. So, it’s important that your real estate agency is where people are, isn’t it?

However, we also need to consider a very important factor for online advertising: quantity is not quality. In other words, it’s no use creating a campaign for 1 million people and not generating any sales or potential customers, right?

In this case, you would have to spend a lot of resources and would not have a significant return.

But what can you do to reach the right audiences on Facebook and Instagram through ads? We recommend that you start with broad targeting, but still within your target audience .

Afterwards, you will funnel and advertise only to people who already have a behavior closer to your brand or who have made some kind of approach to it. See the step-by-step through the topics below:

  1. Create a broad ad (for a lot of people) with the goal of generating engagement;
  2. Create ads only for people who engaged in the first ad, as a way to set your banner;
  3. Make ads to people who engaged with ad 2, looking for some type of conversion (registration, WhatsApp call, email list or sale itself);

This is the structure of a very basic sales funnel that you can start applying today, without any complications, as long as you have a page of your real estate agency on Facebook and also on Instagram.


Google Ads – Excellent alternative for real estate companies that are already searched on Google or that can meet highly searched keywords

In addition to Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads (which also belongs to Facebook), we also have a very popular option and it makes perfect sense to bet on it: Google Ads !

Yes, you can advertise your real estate on Google so that it appears to the right people at the right time, as well as on social media.

However, the power to appear to people on Google tends to be even greater. After all, when a person is on Google, they are there looking for something very specific.

In this case, we have the opportunity to find a prospect at an excellent stage of the purchase journey , as he is the one who is searching to reach your real estate agency.

In terms of understanding and comparison, on social networks, when you make an ad, you will be interrupting people’s timeline. That is, when someone is on Facebook or Instagram, they don’t want to receive or see ads.

But yes, want to see photos of friends and funny videos. And because of that, the funnel on a social network takes a little longer, different from what it would be on Google.

However, to advertise on Google, you may have a lot of competition. Especially if your real estate agency operates in very popular regions.

In this case, the cost of the ads will be higher, as Google works on an auction system: whoever pays more, comes up front.

However, it is still beneficial to advertise on Google Ads, as you can buy very specific keywords that your target audience is searching for right now.

Thus, he can land on your real estate page and, thus, perform a conversion quickly (since he is already looking for a solution).

Sales Funnel Tip for Google Ads:

  1. Make ads on social networks in order to popularize your real estate ( branding);
  2. Have ads running on Google Ads so when a person arouses interest through the networks, they can go to Google quickly and find your business;

Read more about sales funnel for real estate agents here and see how to implement these strategies more fully.


YouTube Ads – Great for creating awareness in people who don’t know your real estate yet, for creating personalized audiences

In addition to social networks and Google, we also have an excellent option: YouTube Ads. This is a tool that also belongs to Google.

In other words, as much as you are advertising on YouTube, it is Google that will be behind the platforms and tools to make this really happen.

However, does this media pay for real estate agents worth it? The answer is: it depends! On the internet, everything is a test.

Often the most complex and ingenious strategy in the marketing industry may not work. While the simplest strategy, it can convert a lot.

The important thing is to understand the audience, speak what people want to hear and, with that, create good ads – no matter which platform.

On YouTube, you can place ads in several places on the platform: it can be in the search, it can be in the recommended videos timeline or it can be on top of the video (those ads that are at the beginning of each video).

Each format and placement will deliver a type of result for your real estate company and, therefore, it’s up to you to analyze and understand which ones are the best.

Let’s better understand each placement from now on. Follow up.

  1. At the beginning (or during) of producer videos: this is a very invasive positioning. After all, the person doesn’t want to see your ad. But yes, the video she gave play. However, this type of placement is quite powerful as you can create many custom audiences from it. That is, people who have shown any interest in the ad can then be impacted with other ads in other more convenient placements.
  2. In the YouTube timeline, as a recommended video: This is a very interesting kind of placement, as it goes as a recommended video for people going down the YouTube timeline. If the cover, title and audience is really hot, you can get good results.
  3. On YouTube Search: This ad format is great for anyone who wants to appear from the moment a person does a YouTube search on a specific term. For example, if you have a video to explain how to buy apartments in SP, it’s worth advertising for this keyword so that the person finds your video on the platform.

Generally speaking, there is no way to know what is better and what is worse. Who will decide and reach this conclusion is you? From testing and a lot of analysis. Run campaigns with a single objective, see which one has more results and, in this way, scale it.


LinkedIn Ads and Twitter Ads for Real Estate – If that’s where your audience is, be sure to buy media on these platforms

In addition to the most popular platforms for making paid media for real estate agents, there are also those that are less popular, such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

However, these platforms also have a lot of potential, as they indicate a very niche and specific audience.

So it’s worth experimenting and doing some ad testing on these platforms so you can target audiences and create campaigns looking for a very specific profile of prospects: on LinkedIn, they’ll be professionals. While on Twitter, people will be interested in news and current affairs.

There is no better platform for real estate listings . But yes, the one that makes the most sense for your target audience. Remember that the most important thing is to convert!

Use and abuse remarketing strategies within online media platforms – This will make your campaigns cheaper and you’ll get a lot more conversions

And finally, one of the most important tips: use remarketing to your advantage! Remarketing is one of the most amazing and effective strategies you can put into practice, as long as you start a campaign the right way and with the right audience.

From remarketing to real estate, you can appear to people who already show interest in your real estate. That is, people who have already seen a video, an ad, who have already clicked on your website or who are already in your physical real estate agency.

This is a hot audience and you will have a much better chance of converting.

So, think about your digital marketing and paid media buying strategies for real estate companies in an effective way. Always keep a single goal in mind and run a campaign to pursue that goal.

Don’t spray too much, advertising everywhere and at random. Make a simple plan and stick to it. Only then will you know if it worked or not.